WDV205 Assignment

Jeff Lubow

1-1: Research and Define CSS Terms

For each of the following terms. Discuss their definition, their role in CSS and how they work.

1. Specificity (This can be a very brief and simple definition. We will discuss Specificity ranking in the next assignment.)

Specificity is when there is a conflict in CSS rules. The browser will rank selectors to determine which takes precedence when rendering a page.

2. Precedence

Precedence is related to specificity where the browser gives priority based on how close the css is to the element. Embedded would have precedence over external and inline would have precedence over embedded or external.

3. Inheritance

Inheritance comes into play when values are not specified for a specific element. It will be inherited from a parent element above it. For example, if you had emphasized(em) text within a paragraph, that text would inherit the color from it's parent unless otherwise specified.

4. Property

In CSS, a property refers to how elements are rendered and displayed by browsers. For example, text can have properties such as size, font, color, etc. which affect how they are displayed to users.

5. Value

A value is related to a property in specifying how a property affects an element. For example, a font could have a value of Ariel or a font size of 12, or a color value of blue.

6. Selector

A selector is used to tell the browser what html that CSS should be applied to. For example, a element selector can be used in combination with a property and value to tell the browser that we want all h1 (heading 1) text to be red.