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Welcome to the Sarah's Chocolate and Cocoa, Inc. Information Site! We're glad you're here. In this site you can learn about the history of cocoa, health benefits of cocoa, some interesting cocoa facts, and even some recipes!

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Interesting Cocoa Facts

  • Cocoa beans were once used as currency by the Mayas of South America.
  • It takes around four hundred cocoa beans to make a pound of chocolate.
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  • The fruits of the cacao(cocoa) tree are large and melonlike, growing from the side of the tree, and each fruit contains 30-50 cocoa beans.
  • Europe accounts for more than half of the world's chocolate consumption.
  • The world's biggest chocolate bar weighed 12,770 pounds.
  • The chocolate chip cookie was invented on accident.

Chocolate & Cocoa Recipes

Chocolate and cocoa go in and with so many things! Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

chocolate bar

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Chocolate Cake in a Mug

If you're feeling really adventurerous, you can try making your own chocolate -